As part of its ongoing commitment to facility and infrastructure improvements, STL has the opportunity for the development of GATEWAY, an on-airport multi-use development. STL also has multiple additional land holdings that are suitable for cargo-related development. 


GATEWAY provides a variety of facility solutions for a wide range of airport-related businesses. Through innovative master planning and cost-effective design solutions, GATEWAY is able to offer air cargo, logistics, distribution and warehousing space at competitive lease rates.  Advantages include:


•     Best-in-class air cargo facilities


•     Direct ramp and airfield access


•     On-site railhead


•     Easy access to nearby interstate highways 


Please download the GATEWAY brochure for complete details.   


In addition to the GATEWAY project, both on-airport and off-airport land is available to develop.

Development Site A is a 123-acre site located northeast of the airfield. It is bordered by an access road to the north, an interstate linkage on the east and an airfield frontage road on the south and west.

Development Site B is a 238-acre site located west of the airfield. Approximately 3,500 feet of the site runs along a taxiway servicing Runway 11/29, providing access to STL’s runway/taxiway system. 
Development Site C is a 313-acre site located west of the airfield. It is bordered by interstate linkages on the north and east and can be reached by access roads from both the west and south. 
Development Site D is a 95-acre site located south of the airfield between Runway 11/29 and a large public thoroughfare. The site is directly adjacent to a mix of commercial and residential properties and bordered by an interstate linkage on the west.  

Whatever your land needs, STL is confident that it can provide your airiline or cargo-related business with the right land solution, right now.