Fourteen passenger airlines operate at STL, providing service to over sixty domestic and international destinations.

As one of the top 30 U.S. airports for domestic passengers served, STL provides service to over 12 million passengers each year.


Passenger route development is a priority for STL. We’re committed to the success of each route and work directly with airlines to determine what routes are a good fit for STL.

Once an airline has committed to a new route, it can expect STL to do everything possible to ensure its success. We’re aware of the challenges that come with initiating or adding service. That’s why we offer multiple benefit packages that can greatly offset the cost of adding new service. Airlines initiating or adding service in STL can expect:


•     Cash marketing awards for the promotion of new service  

•     Competitive financial incentives, waived landing fees and space rentals

•     Local radio time allocations for the promotion of new service

In addition to reaping considerable financial benefits, airlines serving STL have access to STL’s far reaching catchment area.  As shown by the map below, other major airports are more that a four hour drive from STL, giving it a non-competitive catchment area of over 6 million people. 


•    STL Passenger Service Route Map 

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